The Institute for the Preservation of American-American Music and Arts is the educational and cultural initiative of the Holy Redeemer Educational Consortium envisioned by Bishop Sedgwick Daniels. This initiative is designed to preserve the rich tradition of African-American artistic contributions in the performing and visual arts.
Its goal is to integrate the arts into academic achievement and performance utilizing science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

By pre-serving diverse musical genres and legendary contributions of African-Americans and through displaying and exhibiting artifacts, paintings and an array of artistic rendering that demonstrates cultural appreciation of the arts, the I-PAMA will advance awareness of the Black artistic journey through a collection
of archival displays and historical footages that de- picts the African-American artistic sojourn. The Mother Kathryn Daniels Conference Center has provided community empowerment and family reunification initiatives since its inception in 2004. The center encircles educational, financial, societal and ecumenical programs that enhance the quality of life for thousands of Wisconsin Residents.

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience
and the passion to reach for the stars
to change the world"
-Harriet Tubman

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels.
IPAMA Executive Director

“IPAMA Is an impressive collaborative that demonstrates the power of unity.”

Valerie Daniels Carter.
President V & J Holdings, Inc.

“The IPAMA will empower individuals and families in pursuing musical, educational, recreational and technological opportunities that embody the values of self determination and independence.”

Bishop Marvin Winans
Perfecting Church , Detroit Michigan.

“This facility will help generations to come remember the musical sounds of yesterday.”

Senator Lena C. Taylor
Wisconsin 4th District

“IPAMA is not just for me it is for our the unborn sons and daughters.”