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IPAMA Black Musium Milwaukee things to do Music Art


Jeffrey A. Tucker Campus

3200 West Hampton Avenue  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209

IPAMA East rests within the heart of the community on Milwaukee’s northwest side and strives to enable collaborative engagement, intercultural learning, open exchange, and robust relationship-building through intuitive response and technological innovation. Within its walls,corridors, and exhibit halls, IPAMA East has created an environment of cultural exchange and community dialogue. In its displays, programming, meeting rooms, and cafe, it is lodged as a safe harbor to gather, celebrate, and appreciate social and cultural diversity and contribution.Capable of hosting events to recognize, inform, instruct, explore, and advance awareness, IPAMA welcomes all visitors and guests with open arms. Whether exploring social issues, controversial ideas, or mutual equity objectives which elevate and generate forward movement, or simply to soak in the rich wealth of Black art, a spirit of cooperation, reconciliation, and respect are ever present as you enter the decorated foyer of this magnificent museum.

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