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IPAMA Black Musium Milwaukee things to do Music Art


IPAMA welcomes guests and visitors with acceptance and a spirit of cooperation designed to foster open dialogue and meaningful exchange. It is a judgment-free place of safety and trust where learning and cultural appreciation pervade relationships, programs, and activities. Deeply rooted in compassion, the elimination of racism, and the accurate portrayal of the Black art experience, inclusion through artistic expression embodies IPAMA’s mission.
There are two IPAMA locations. IPAMA West is nestled scenically on a wooded 18-acre site on Milwaukee’s far northwest side residing within the spacious confines of an acclaimed Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece design. An excellent choice for retreats and gatherings away from noise, traffic, and the bustle of the city, IPAMA West provides privacy, first class amenities, and a respite for smaller groups, team-building, and a more intimate appreciation of selected, international art pieces displayed throughout the stunning facility. IPAMA West also houses many exotic art works, wall hangings, sculptures, hundreds of original vinyl recordings, and memorabilia acknowledging achievement and providing recognition of exceptionally significant and timeless Black art and artists.
IPAMA East rests within the heart of the community on Milwaukee’s northwest side and strives to enable collaborative engagement, intercultural learning, open exchange, and robust relationship-building through intuitive response and technological innovation. Within its walls, corridors, and exhibit halls, IPAMA East has created an environment of cultural exchange and community dialogue. In its displays, programming, meeting rooms, and cafe, it is lodged as a safe harbor to gather, celebrate, and appreciate social and cultural diversity and contribution. Capable of hosting events to recognize, inform, instruct, explore, and advance awareness, IPAMA welcomes all visitors and guests with open arms. Whether exploring social issues, controversial ideas, or mutual equity objectives which elevate and generate forward movement, or simply to soak in the rich wealth of Black art, a spirit of cooperation, reconciliation, and respect are ever present as you enter the decorated foyer of this magnificent museum.


The totality of IPAMA’s archives spans generations and continents, eloquently articulating the inspiration of overcoming prejudice and institutionalized racism, the struggle to survive, community empowerment, political activism, genealogical origins, cultural diversity, and the ubiquitous resilience of the African spirit. The IPAMA collection captures poignant moments, resounding voices, exhilarating music, and courageous acts of service preserved in the renderings of Black art for all time. As calls to justice and beacons of greater democracy, equality, and inclusion, this important collective bestows historic significance and cultural value beyond measure.


Acquisition of contemporary art is IPAMA’s primary activity. Collection practices rigidly follow established national guidelines regarding compliance and authentication procedures. IPAMA’s practices are inclusive and representative of the wide spectrum of artistic expression, ensuring that emotional, moving, and often personal stories of global activism are viewed from a range of diverse perspectives.
The wealth of the museum’s collection rests in its diversity which is relevant and resonants with the world of today. Passionate in its mission to provide access to cultural enrichment, IPAMA culture actively and productively supports intent with a tangible, brick and mortar, hands on approach, creating access to information and art, as a learning and event center, a community gathering place, and a treasure house of cultural efficacy. Over the next decade, IPAMA will continue to work diligently to facilitate access to and enhance comprehension of the true stories rooted within the collective artwork of America’s Black artists.

IPAMA Black Musium Milwaukee things to do Music Art
IPAMA Black Musium Milwaukee things to do Music Art

"For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today".

IPAMA Black Musium Milwaukee things to do Music Art
IPAMA Black Musium Milwaukee things to do Music Art

For centuries, indigenous Africans embraced the arts, sciences, mathematics and architectural concepts which have garnered notoriety and fostered appreciation for their profound ingenious.
The global duplication of their culture and customs has revealed an unprecedented appreciation of their artistic forms and contributions.

IPAMA Black Musium Milwaukee things to do Music Art

The human transposing of these native Africans did not diminish our ability to preserve their rich traditions, identities and customs. they embraced an unfeigned and rigorous appreciation for their unparalleled and immeasurable traditions when globally dispersed, Including their horrific trans-Atlantic middle passage to the Americas. These brutal and inhumane voyages were motivated by African tribal conflicts.

IPAMA Black Musium Milwaukee things to do Music Art

European economic greed and the amassed benefits of slave trading in the United States. Their will to survive, belief in the possibility of returning to their native land, faith in their God and passion to protect their ancestral heritage afforded these captured Africans the unique ability to utilize intergenerational transfer of knowledge and traditions within their new communities.

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To tackle the profound issue of Milwaukee Black Youth's disconnection from their community, culture, and faith, Holy Redeemer felt a deep-seated responsibility to initiate transformative strategies and innovative programs aimed at fostering spiritual, economic, educational, familial, and societal reunification. This ambitious project leveraged the resources of an expansive and picturesque 18-acre campus, becoming a pivotal platform for engaging Black youth in their quest for cultural and religious awareness.

The motivation for this endeavor stemmed from disheartening statistics and the weight of multiple social burdens that had set Black youth on a potentially destructive trajectory. Confronted by a myriad of challenges, many of them stemming from a history of systematic oppression, it was clear that immediate and intentional action was necessary to empower these young individuals. The initiative we embarked upon, known as IPAMA, was conceived as a prototype for success, symbolizing what could be achieved when a coalition of stakeholders committed to advancing the prospects of Black youth came together in solidarity.

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