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Host Your Next Event at IPAMA

Since 2018, The Institute for the Preservation of African American Music and Arts (IPAMA) has been Milwaukee's home for news, business, and social events in Milwaukee's Northside. With a special emphasis on African American art and music, IPAMA has hosted public and private events annually featuring leaders in media, business, politics, sports, and entertainment, making it an ideal venue for celebrations of culture and creativity. Our full-service center in Milwaukee provides in-house catering, professional A/V, and multimedia production services, offering a comprehensive array of options for hosting both in-person and virtual events.

Nestled in the heart of Milwaukee with easy access to local amenities, the IPAMA offers a historic setting like no other, perfectly suited to showcase and celebrate the rich heritage of African American art and music. Additionally, our commitment to convenience, value, and world-class service ensures that your event will be executed flawlessly, leaving you and your guests with unforgettable memories.

Event Options

In-Person Events at IPAMA – IPAMA offers the unique opportunity to host full-capacity business events, social gatherings, receptions, and other similar occasions right in the vibrant heart of Milwaukee. Hosting your event at IPAMA not only provides access to a premier location but also benefits from our expertise in creating memorable experiences. Our venue is perfect for those looking to combine the elegance of traditional events with the dynamic pulse of Milwaukee's cultural and business scene. Whether it's a formal business conference, an intimate social gathering, or a lively reception, IPAMA's versatile spaces can be tailored to fit your event's specific needs, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a lasting impression on their guests.

Hybrid Events – Leverage the best of both worlds by expanding the reach and impact of your in-person event with a live webcast or an interactive online experience. This approach not only broadens your audience geographically but also accommodates your attendees' preferences for engagement and participation, respecting their comfort levels regarding safety. Hybrid events facilitated by IPAMA ensure you maximize your audience without compromising the quality of interaction, making your event inclusive and accessible to all.

Fully Virtual Events – With IPAMA's state-of-the-art multimedia production services unit and our engaging virtual events platform, we are equipped to produce professional online events that can captivate audiences worldwide. From educational seminars to media briefings, interviews, panel discussions, and awards programs, our professional productions are designed to include multiple programs and speakers, whether remote or in-studio. Enhanced with video/graphic inserts, lower thirds, and interactive polling, these events can be streamed seamlessly to your preferred online channels, including your website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page, ensuring a wide-reaching and impactful virtual presence.

Event Options

Event Space


The Great Room 

Spanning 4,179 square feet, the Great Room offers a spacious and versatile venue perfect for a wide range of events. From grand receptions to large-scale conferences, this room can be transformed to meet your specific needs.


Tucker Room

Ideal for medium-sized gatherings, the Tucker Room combines elegance with functionality. Whether you're hosting a seminar, workshop, or social event, this room provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your attendees.


Professional Development Room

Designed with productivity in mind, the Professional Development Room is perfect for corporate training sessions, educational seminars, or any event focused on learning and professional growth. Its modern amenities support a conducive learning environment.

Event Space

Audio/Visual/Multimedia Services

IPAMA frequently hosts events featuring industry leaders and notable figures, making our gatherings significant and often widely recognized. This requires our AV team to consistently deliver exceptional performances. Our dedicated full-time professional staff excels in providing the most advanced technological support and services, designed to elevate your event beyond the ordinary and ensure flawless execution. We offer a comprehensive suite of AV equipment, managed by experienced professionals, and interactive technologies suitable for any event type. Enhancing our offerings, we also specialize in high-quality livestreaming services, enabling real-time engagement with a global audience.

To further enrich your event experience, IPAMA offers professional videography and photography services. These additional services allow for the capture of dynamic event moments and key highlights, ensuring that the essence of your event is preserved for future reference, promotion, or simply as a memorable keepsake. With our skilled videographers and photographers, you can rest assured that every significant moment is captured with clarity and creativity.

Whether captivating an on-site audience, engaging viewers online through livestreaming, or preserving the event's moments through videography and photography, IPAMA ensures a memorable and impactful event for everyone involve

Audio/Visual/Multimedia Servces


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