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Bishop Sedgwick Daniels

August 16, 1959 - November 12, 2023

In celebrating the extraordinary life of our beloved founder, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, we are deeply moved by his profound love and unwavering commitment to the Institute for the Preservation of African American Music and Arts (IPAMA). Born to the late John and Supervisor Kathryn Daniels, Bishop Daniels was a visionary who dedicated his life to the preservation and promotion of African American culture and heritage through IPAMA.

Bishop Daniels' passion for IPAMA knew no bounds; it was a cause that resonated deeply within his heart. He poured his boundless energy and unwavering dedication into the establishment and development of this organization, tirelessly working to bring his visionary dreams to life. His love for IPAMA was not only evident in his actions but also in the countless hours he dedicated to its growth and success.

As the founder of IPAMA, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels firmly believed in the transformative power of art and music to narrate the rich and diverse stories of African Americans. He envisioned IPAMA as a beacon of hope and a platform to ensure that these stories were not only preserved but also celebrated for generations to come. His dedication to this mission was unwavering, and he even integrated the principles of IPAMA into his academic pursuits, including his dissertation.

Bishop Daniels' enduring legacy within IPAMA stands as a testament to his lifelong commitment to safeguarding the cultural treasures of African American history. His visionary leadership, tireless efforts, and profound love for the organization continue to inspire us as we carry forward the mission he held so dear. Although Bishop Sedgwick Daniels is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through IPAMA, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to honor his memory and the remarkable work he initiated.

Beyond his contributions to IPAMA, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels was a multifaceted individual who touched countless lives through his impressive religious journey. He served as the celebrated pastor of Holy Redeemer Institutional Church Of God In Christ and Morris Cathedral Church Of God In Christ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also held the position of the visionary prelate of Wisconsin First Jurisdiction, serving both Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Additionally, Bishop Daniels served as the Secretary of the General Board for the Church Of God In Christ.

Bishop Daniels' religious journey spanned more than forty years and was marked by his unwavering commitment to spiritual, economic, educational, and societal empowerment initiatives. In 2001, he was elevated to the role of Bishop by Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson. Under Bishop Daniels' prelate leadership, the Wisconsin First Jurisdiction flourished, growing from 39 congregations to more than 100 churches and ministries.

Through Bishop Daniels' prolific leadership and holistic ministry approach, thousands of individuals were positively impacted by the initiatives and resources provided through his contemporary ministries. His congregational and jurisdictional headquarters were home to various essential institutions, including a senior citizen’s housing complex, Mason Health Clinic, Holy Redeemer Community Credit Union, COGIC Social Service Agency, Holy Redeemer Christian Academy (kindergarten through eighth grades), Young-Coggs University Preparatory Academy (serving middle and high school youth), Kathryn T. Daniels Charter School, Daniels-Mardak Boys and Girls Club, Bishop’s Creek Housing Development, Ford, Owens, Winbush, Porter, and Wilkerson Youth Residency Tower, Saints Heritage Children’s Orphanage, Iglehart, Bellamy, Tatum Community Prayer Tower and Rotunda, 20 Heritage Homes (for the homeless and family reunification), Health and fitness center, Hudson-Herron Ministers Institute, and an Educational Consortium for diverse educational advancement through academic partnerships with Marian University, which offers accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels' indomitable spirit, visionary leadership, and tireless dedication have left an indelible mark on both IPAMA and the Church Of God In Christ community. His legacy continues to inspire us to strive for excellence and to carry forward his mission of preserving and celebrating African American culture and heritage. Though he may no longer walk among us, his influence and impact remain alive and vibrant in the institutions and lives he touched.

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