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Jeffrey A. Tucker Campus

3200 West Hampton Avenue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209


Martel C. Scott Campus

9100 N Swan Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53224

IPAMA Black Musium Milwaukee things to do Music Art

An innovative and exceptionally-striking conference and meeting space, this community resource on Milwaukee’s northside, offers affordable, attractive, first class options for gatherings and activities of all kinds. To complement and enhance any and all occasions, IPAMA’s full-service catering staff is available with a full menu for all events. IPAMA is a museum filled with exhibits, inventions, art pieces, records, and physical media. IPAMA is also a multimedia educational and learning complex with classrooms, meeting spaces, and the modern technology to accommodate up to 250 guests in its main hall. Conversationalists, group appreciation projects, art lovers, community patrons, business partners, all encounter the images and sounds which proclaim legacy in the sculptures, inventions, photographs, paintings, renderings, writings, tapestries, weavings, and memorabilia stored within IPAMA’s acclaimed collection. Reflective of African spoken word traditions and rites of passage represented by the griot and the drum, IPAMA is committed to amplifying truth in the Black art narrative, immersively integrating music, visual, and auditory arts. The museum was designed to highlight the African American artistic experience as a social enhancement and community enrichment. IPAMA is the realization of the educational and cultural initiative envisioned by Bishop Sedgwick Daniels. Established to preserve the rich legacy of African American contributions in the performing and visual arts, IPAMA exists to service our community and give proper context and exposure to the plight and triumph of the African American spirit through music and arts. IPAMA’s goal is to preserve the diversity of Black art across all genres by featuring the contributions and expressions of legendary African Americans through the display and exhibition of artifacts, paintings, art works, sculptures, recordings, and a vast array of artistic renderings. IPAMA will continue to collaborate and work closely with the community to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

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